Friday, September 20, 2019

Eat like a poor college kid

I have doctored a few store bought ramen packages lately.  This one has chicken andouille sausage and stir fry slaw mix added.  

Sometimes I eat popcorn for dinner.  I do pop it myself and then mix butter, honey, and kosher salt together as the topping.  Keeping it real!

Goat cheese flatbread

After the delicious HomeChef flatbread I made my own!  I just didn't buy any arugula

Stir Fry

I have a lot of different asian flavored sauces.  I buy this stir fry mix and then I mix soy sauce, chili paste, and Korean bbq sauce together.  Throw in some cooked spaghetti or over rice.  I make this almost once a week.

Ledos Pizza

My co-workers frequently ask me what my topping combo is for Ledos.  It is a veggie pizza with sausage added.  Mushrooms, peppers and onions and the awesomest sausage around.

Brew Belly

This is one of my favorite drinking places now.  They have wine as part of happy hour on Wed I think.  They also have wonderful cider flavors.  Pretzel with beer cheese

SteelFire Kitchen and Bar

This was the biggest and best tot I've ever had.  It has cheese melted in it!