Sunday, August 12, 2007


DH and I took a road trip to Wegmans this morning (before noon is a must). It was busy even though it wasnt lunchtime yet. Here are some fun things we bought

Apple danish with streusel topping- delish

We bought some things for dinner
1 package of blue cheese burgers
1 package of cheddar and bacon burgers
shitake mushrooms, saute in butter for the burgers
french style green beans, I think I'm going to make garlicy beans
potatoes for oven fries

DH bought a sandwich for lunch and didnt share a bite!
I bought some Kettle CHips in the new Buffalo Blue flavor. I love buffalo sauce and blue cheese. I was disappointed that they just taste like regular BBQ chips :(

We also bought some Jalapeno cheese bread, a whole loaf. It smells wonderful but I dont know what I'm going to use it for...

We bought some asiago artichoke dip that was so creamy and good! We put it on some bread toasts. I showed major restraint and only have about 3 toasts before putting it away

We bought a few acai drinks. This is one of them

For dinner another night this week we bought chilis in adobo (its been impossible to find at the grocery stores near us), we bought 2 fresh thai chicken sausages, some thai rice noodles, a peanut sauce mix, a zuchinni, and some sugar snap peas. It'll be a thai pasta night! yum

I swear I'm probably forgetting some cool stuff we bought. Its just so exciting to go to Wegmans. I cant wait for them to open a location in our area. I'll do some reviews of how the burgers turn out later.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Bobby Vans review

I went to Bobby Vans Grill yesterday for the restaurant week lunch. It was so freaking hot in DC our group was dying when we got there. They were busy but we had a reservation so we were seated right away. They have really great service, waters always filled, bread and butter was filled twice. I ordered the caesar salad, steak entree, and chocolate raspberry cake for dessert. I LOVED the steak. If you ever go, please get steak! It is a steakhouse afterall. It had a wine reduction that was part of the reason the steak was so so yummy.

DH had the portabello sandwich and said it was good but there was a lot of zuchinni on the sandwich and you couldnt taste the meaty portabello very well. The sandwich also had some sauce and cheese. He still ate every bite and liked it, but maybe wasnt his favorite portabello sandwich he's ever had.

My nephew got the 10 ounce burger. They brought him one with cheese even though he asked for a hamburger. They took it away and brought a regular hamburger out for him pretty quickly. I felt bad for him though while he waited and everyone had their food sitting in front of him. He's going to be a 5th grader but he was very patient even though he was hungry. He ate every bite of the burger which is amazing because he's a small kid!

We bought him a dessert, it was like a chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice cream and a white chocolate cigarette. He said it was really chocolatey and he loved every bite :)

Subway sucks

I had teacher training today and we all went out together for lunch. We all went to Subway. I got an italian BMT. I really just dont like Subway at all. It doesnt taste fresh even though the logo is "eat fresh." I even toasted my sub to try to make it seem yummy. I just like the sun chips and cookies. Luckily tomorrow I'll be eating somewhere else because I'll be at a different school at lunchtime.

PS If you are one of those people who are looking for food blogs that only post recipes and personal photography of recipes this isnt the blog you should be bothering to read. Not all food blogs should be exactly the same.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Highly Recommend

I got a Panera strawberry smoothie today. Its about 100 degrees today. Oh man I'm glad I got the large because it was really really good. Its supposed to be low fat too. I also got cheddar broccoli soup, not supposed to be low fat, but good.

Friday, August 3, 2007

O O it's magic!

I bought Oreos at the grocery store today. I had to, they were buy one get one free at Safeway. Score :) one package for eating and maybe one for baking?