Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cheesecake Factory

Vietnamese tacos. Try them! Meat was tender (I didnt even know it was pork, it seems brown to me like beef!) and they were spicy.

Menus description: Steamed Asian Buns with Roasted Pork, Marinated Cucumbers, Carrots and Onion with Chiles, Cilantro and Sesame Seeds

yum yum yum

I recommend checking out this blogger's recipe from Steamy Kitchen. It seems similar except it's not on a bun.
Korean Style Tacos

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Taylor Gourmet comes to Bethesda

Taylor Gourmet/

We tried Taylor Gourmet for lunch today. Happy Labor Day everyone!!
Ordered a 12 inch 9th Street Italian, the Risotto Balls, had red hot chips, and tried two of the fabulous fountain drink choices. They don't serve Coke or Sprite here! We had cream soda and black cherry soda instead :) The drinks are artificial color free, and use cane sugar, no corn syrup.

The Risotto balls were amazing! After Ed's win on Top Chef for his risotto balls I imagine that the food blog world will soon have many posts on making them :) Taylor's were spicy!

The sub was good, the meat and cheese were better quality than you'll get at Subway.

I'm not sure if it's worth getting the rolls from Philly. I thought the roll was hard to chew through.

I really wanted a roast beef sandwich and was told they were out. It's only Saturday on a holiday weekend! How can they be out of beef???

Next time I want to try an Island Avenue