Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bro Shower

Several weeks ago I was at a bridal shower. My husband had a bro shower for all the guys at our house. They ate man food. Here are a few photos my husband took of his man shower food. He made some southwest egg rolls and ribs.

My husband makes his own BBQ sauce. It has homemade applesauce in it. In the fall we go apple picking and the apples we don't use get turned into applesauce which is then frozen flat in ziplock bags.

We had 6 racks of ribs and we have a jar of BBQ sauce still sitting in the fridge that we didn't use up

I made crockpot pulled pork and the leftovers went into the filling for the southwest egg rolls.

This the first time he tried using flour tortillas as his wrapper instead of egg roll wrappers. He says he prefers the egg roll wrappers, but I thought the rolls were really good!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Beach Tart

We finally got away this weekend and went to the beach!
My mom has had a few root canals lately and needs to have more work done.
She has to eat soft foods
We made pasta for dinner and I made a super easy tart

Mini Custard Fruit Tarts

I ended up using one store bought graham cracker crust which I toasted in the oven a bit
After my filling chilled in the fridge I topped my custard tart with bananas and toasted almonds.

yum! If the beach grocery store had fresh berries it was going to be banana strawberry.