Sunday, August 12, 2007


DH and I took a road trip to Wegmans this morning (before noon is a must). It was busy even though it wasnt lunchtime yet. Here are some fun things we bought

Apple danish with streusel topping- delish

We bought some things for dinner
1 package of blue cheese burgers
1 package of cheddar and bacon burgers
shitake mushrooms, saute in butter for the burgers
french style green beans, I think I'm going to make garlicy beans
potatoes for oven fries

DH bought a sandwich for lunch and didnt share a bite!
I bought some Kettle CHips in the new Buffalo Blue flavor. I love buffalo sauce and blue cheese. I was disappointed that they just taste like regular BBQ chips :(

We also bought some Jalapeno cheese bread, a whole loaf. It smells wonderful but I dont know what I'm going to use it for...

We bought some asiago artichoke dip that was so creamy and good! We put it on some bread toasts. I showed major restraint and only have about 3 toasts before putting it away

We bought a few acai drinks. This is one of them

For dinner another night this week we bought chilis in adobo (its been impossible to find at the grocery stores near us), we bought 2 fresh thai chicken sausages, some thai rice noodles, a peanut sauce mix, a zuchinni, and some sugar snap peas. It'll be a thai pasta night! yum

I swear I'm probably forgetting some cool stuff we bought. Its just so exciting to go to Wegmans. I cant wait for them to open a location in our area. I'll do some reviews of how the burgers turn out later.

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