Saturday, November 28, 2009


Last night our friends had reservations for Raku and invited us along. We went to the Bethesda location but there is also a location near Dupont Circle and in Arlington.

They only had chopsticks at the table and I'm terrible at using them
Luckily everyone else at the table was great at using chopsticks.
When our friends were served the tofu salad (this looked good and you must love seaweed) they brought them forks but they used chopsticks and I scored a fork :)

Our friends also ordered some spring rolls but the spring rolls on the menu seemed to come with shrimp which I dont eat. The dipping sauces that came with their rolls looked really good. The presentation of the dish was really nice

They split an entree which was a bento box with beef tenderloin with pomegranate wine sauce (they said the sauce was divine) and an assortment of fish, tempura veggies, some mushrooms etc. It was a huge box of food

My husband and I ordered 8 tempura green bean sushi rolls for our appetizer. Fried green bean with avocado and rice dipped in soysauce. yum. Not as good as my favorite roll which is the Katsu chicken roll from Bento Go Go in Columbus. I'm so not a sushi person.

Anthony and I bought ordered the Red Curry Coconut Soup
which you then customize by choosing your noodles and meat
We both got udon (I love those soft thick noodles!)
I had beef and Anthony got double meat of chicken and shrimp
This again was to be eaten with chopsticks and a tiny soup spoon.
I had my fork and soup spoon but still spattered broth everywhere.
It was those darn long udon noodles!

It was a really good experience.
Part of it was we had a reservation, and we had a booth table out of traffics way
I would have hated having a small table near the door with all the people hovering waiting for tables plus last night was really windy and cold.

I'd go back. The noodle soup was HUGE and filling

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