Tuesday, June 21, 2011


We are able to harvest some of our veggies now :) we've harvested yellow squash and a hot wax pepper and a cubanelle pepper.

Yellow Squash from last week, it's bigger and with a lot more squash right now

We have a baby eggplant right now. It's about 1 inch long so far. The flower stem seems too weak to hold an eggplant. We'll see if it grows to edible size.

Some peppers which are supposed to turn red and be very hot! Like a thai chili

We have about 10 green baby tomatoes and we still have some tomato flowers so we'll have even more tomatoes growing soon.

My husband's work gave him several tomato plants. We drilled holes in the bottom of rubbermaid containers and made it into a tomato planter

My honeydew vine is out of control. It's taken over an entire veggie box. Lesson learned for next year. Give melons lots of space all to themselves!

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