Saturday, June 21, 2008

Levante's in Bethesda

So one of Anthony's coworkers invited us to join them for her husbands birthday dinner. We had never been to Levante's before and it sounded like food we'd like.

We had a semi large group of about 8-10 people but the waitress seemed good

Anthony and I ordered this appetizer
Levante’s Cigars
Cheese pastries of Feta and dill wrapped in phyllo and deep-fried

It was yummy and came with a cucumber yogurt sauce for dipping. There were 4 cigars on the appetizer and it was perfect to share between two people.

I ordered a special that was beef and lamb with tomato sauce and some garlic white sauce. It came on top of cubed bread. I thought it was weird to have just a big pile of meet for the entree and no sides, no rice, or vegetable. The presentation was not so great. You couldn't tell what meat was where, it was all just thrown on the plate. The meat was good enough, it was just like shaved gyro meat, and we have a favorite Greek restaurant for that.

Anthony ordered the Kofte
Grilled ground beef with Mediterranean seasonings,
served with Tsatziki

at least his did some with a side (rice, fries your choice)
and some vegetables like green beans and a few carrots.
It was like three thin meat patties on a plate. He said he liked it though

The bad news is when it came to the bill everyone looked at what they owed and wrote their name, credit card, and total on the back of the bill.

Turns our we were $22 short and the waitress was pissed and was telling her manager she needed help etc.

I will not go back to this restaurant again. The food was not that great, good, but it's food we can get elsewhere, and the problem with the bill at the end was really annoying. It was not handled correctly. I left unhappy thats for sure.

If you are interested in visiting Levante's here is the website address

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