Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Thai Red Curry

I picked up 3 chicken breasts, a bag of broccoli florets and a bottle of Thai Red Curry sauce at Trader Joes.
I put some water in the bottom of my crockpot, I added the thai sauce, tossed in the chicken and chopped whatever amount of onion I had laying around in the fridge. I did check the grocery store to see if there was any thai basil or lemongrass or some sort of spice I could add, no such luck. I feel like the dish needs some hot chilies but I dont know what kind!

I boiled my noodles and at the end threw in some of the broccoli.

Anyways. Anthony is coming home from work with his coworkers and they have decided they feel like grilling so my meal will be put off until tomorrow. At least everything is made.

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