Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cheesecake Factory

So I have a small restaurant post I want to make

Cheesecake Factory has a small plates menu. I've never really looked at it and ordered off it before this past week.

The fried zuchinni are SO good, plenty for two people and it's only $4 which is cheaper than my favorite drink at Cheesecake Factory, the raspberry lemonade. The zuchinni come with CFs homemade ranch dressing which is also very good.

I think I will attempt to use the small plates menu more often

I ordered an entree of their seasonal specials menu and it was crispy chicken, with prosciutto, basil pasta, arugula, and a white sauce. It was really good and of course plenty for two meals.

I've also had their fried mozz and those are DELISH. I've ordered them at least three times. Try the small plate menu!

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