Saturday, April 24, 2010

Giada's Lemon Ricotta Cookies

I admit to buying ricotta for some fabulous Italian pasta meal and then never getting around to making it. So I had a 15 ounce container sitting in my fridge and I decided to buy two lemons to make these cookies. =)

Giada from the Food Network's cookies

I followed the recipe exactly until it came to the glaze. My glaze was very thick so I added a little lemon lime soda to thin it out.

The cookies are very cake like and the glaze absolutely makes them awesome
I did not use parchment paper, I just used my regular cookie sheet, no cooking spray or anything needed

In order to not make a giant mess with the glaze I put wax paper on a jelly roll pan, then put my cooling rack on top of that. The glaze dripped down onto the wax paper and the mess was easy to clean up and toss in the trash


Maryanna said...

These cookies look delicious. Lemon cookies are perfect for hot weather like this!

Fathom said...

LOVE those cookies.. they lasted all of 5 minutes before everyone devoured the last ones... Thanks!!