Sunday, December 19, 2010

Matchbox review

We went for dinner to the newly opened Rockville Matchbox and had a 6 minute wait even though they were very busy and told us it would be 30 minutes. DH and I split 6 mini burgers and a small fire and spice pizza. No meat on the pizza and I wish it had a little more on it. There was a smoky flavor and some roasted peppers but I needed a topping I could sink teeth into.

I think we should have tried the pizza with meatballs. The staff said it was a spicy one too because the meatballs are spicy. The guys next to us got it and I was a little jealous.

We decided Mia's pizza in Bethesda was very similar and we have some favorites there. I guess we'd go to Matchbox to avoid paying for parking in Bethesda. I do love my Mia's alsace pizza more-, gruyere cheese, parmesan, caramelized onion & thyme and instead of pancetta I get arugula.

I loved my little burgers with gorgonzola and onion straws at Matchbox. It looked like everyone ordered the mini burgers. Heaps of onion straws on every table.

You can get the burgers as a set of 3, 6, or 9. I don't know if we could have only three for splitting because we each polished off two of them quickly.

My only negative for Matchbox was the dessert round. I got something with a frozen rock hard cookie (I'm not sure if the cookie was frozen or the ganache that coated the cookie). There was coffee gelato sandwiched between two cookies. My husband had to chisel away at it. I'm surprised we didn't break the plate it came on. The flavors were great but like Top Chef dessert, they'd be eliminated on that dessert. Did you notice that a few people did rock hard ganaches this year?

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