Monday, April 18, 2011

Check out my garden

See those tiny little sprouts? I lovingly collected the dill seeds and cilantro seeds when my herbs bolted (went to seed) last summer. Then the seeds were planted a few weeks ago and here they are growing!

The rosemary plant is new. I did not dig up my rosemary plant for the winter and bring it inside and therefore needed to buy a new plant. I will dig it up this fall and bring this guy inside!

See my chives? I didn't have to plant them this year! Those chives came back from last year without any extra care from me. Chives are awesome! New this year I bought sage because I ate incredible fries with fried sage in Boston in December and I also bought Cinnamon Basil. Last year we had three basil plants, Michael, Thai, and Greek. The Thai and Greek were the biggest producers of the three. I'm sure I'll end up buying a Thai or Greek plant soon.


living eventfully said...

Beautiful beginnings!!

Mia said...

I was wanting to start a garden this year, those already look great. Nice!! It's definitely got me inspired.

Golda said...

I love all the herbs! I had some dill two years ago and overnight rabbits ate all of it! Didn't touch the cilantro though.