Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Vegetable Garden Box

Here are some of my plants from last weekend. The cilantro and dill have really filled out and the strawberries have flowered. My husband built a raised vegetable box and we filled it with tomato plants, pepper plants (hot and sweet ones), and some eggplant.



Strawberry in bloom

The vegetable box built

The vegetable box put in place in the backyard and lined (this is so the treated wood chemicals do not affect the plants)

The filled box. We planted three rows of kale seeds and this weekend they sprouted! That was really quick growth


Creating Nirvana said...

Great job on your garden! It looks like you will get a nice crop this year.

Tonya said...

what soils and or compost brands did you buy? I am starting a vegetable and herb garden soon.

living_insanity said...

The bottom portion of the planter has regular soil as filler and the top portion of the planter has Miracle Grow's vegetable soil. We have added liquid fertilizer this past week (you just add a little to a jug of water) and we have an organic pesticide I had to spray on my strawberry plants because they started getting holes in the leaves