Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mike Isabella

This weekend was the DC Metro Cooking Show! We have been going to this show for several years now seeing different chefs each year. This year my husband and I went to a food and wine pairing with Mike Isabella from Top Chef and owner of local restaurant Graffiato and Laurie Forster the Wine Coach.

Mike looking over the menu

We had three tastings and with each tasting we had two glasses of wine to pair it with.

6 glasses of wine! There wasnt a dump jug either :)

This first tasting was a scallop with sunchoke puree and pickled apple.

After this point I forgot about taking photos of the food and I just inhaled the food and wine. I will say that my husband and I are dying to make Mike's final dish of pork ragu and gnocchi. The recipe can be found on Laurie's website

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