Sunday, November 27, 2011

Founding Farmers Potomac

Founding Farmers in Potomac

My husband and I tried the Founding Farmers in Potomac for dinner. My husband has been to the DC location which is a 100% green restaurant. It's a really big deal to win the award for being so green. The restaurant also deals with ingredients that are farm fresh.

We order the chips, crips, and dips because he already knew he liked it. Fancy potato ships with three different dippers including one that was like pimento cheese.

I had a special soda. They make all their own and they all sounded great. The waiter claimed to love hibiscus. Mine has raspberry syrup and lime juice in seltzer.

My hubby ordered the chicken and waffles for dinner which also came with mac n cheese and some steamed vegetables. I tried a piece of the waffle with the syrup. I don't even like syrup and I could tell this homemade syrup was good! The waffle was not as good as the savory waffles of Mosiac Cafe though.

I ordered gnocchi with beef ragu. I really shouldn't have. Even though the dish was good nothing could have topped the gnocchi with pork ragu that Chef Mike Isabella makes at Graffiato. I just wanted his dish again and took a chance that Founding Farmers would have a dish that was just as fabulous. It is a good dish and if you didn't have Mike's to compare to you would probably love it!

We did not order dessert even though the huge slab of red velvet cake was singing to me :)

This Potomac location also had odd parking. We ended up spending $4 on parking because stay for just over 1 hour. The spots in front of the restaurant are metered and the parking garage has horrible prices. Now we know why people were parked far away in the streets. Free parking there! Live and learn. I must come back to this restaurant. I will have a specialty soda of a different flavor next time and I will order myself some fried chicken. The question will be southern style or northern?

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