Monday, December 31, 2012

Boston restaurants

We spent the past few days visiting Boston.  We ate at many yummy places along the way.  Here are my reviews.


Antico Forno, in Boston's Little Italy area.  We were in the area for lunch.  I wanted to go in Fanueil Hall and check out the holiday decor in the area.  It was seriously busy with people shopping so we left to find a quieter spot for lunch.  Hubby and I shared a salad at the restaurant.  I think you probably can't go wrong at any of the Italian places along these streets.  I had ossobuco with saffron risotto.  It was fabulous!  

Hubby and walked to the Aquarium.  We waited in line to get tickets for about 50 minutes.  I really do enjoy going to aquariums though and I thought the one in Boston was nice.  They don't have a huge shark tank like the National Aquarium in Baltimore though.

I highly recommend Franklin Cafe (southie)
They were pretty great with gluten free paleo friendly food.  Hubby and I went with friends for dinner on a Fri night.  They don't take reservations yet we had no wait time getting a dinner table.  They have some awesome sounding cocktails on their menu.

We went to Flashers to meet up with more friends and just drink.  A neighborhood bar which for a Fri night we had no problem grabbing a table for 6 people.  Hubby had a few interesting beers.
We never did get around to doing a brewery tour in Boston.  There are a few breweries to take advantage of! 


We did the Boston Tea party and ship museum.  I thought it was a blast! 

Barking Crab.
I don't eat any seafood.  I know this is a seafood restaurant.  I went because my hubby and our friend do eat seafood and we were in Boston  It's what Boston is known for.  We walked from the museum to the restaurant for lunch.  I got a salad with chicken and it wasn't great.  The sweet potato fries really were great and were $7.  I think if you did one of the big platters or seafood boils meant for sharing you'd have a great experience. 

After lunch we went to the ICA, a Contemporary Art Museum.  I was not a huge fan.  I just think I don't like contemp art very much. 

It was crazy snowing heavily Saturday afternoon.  Huge flakes, messy roads.  We ended up not going out to a friends place to play games and ended up eating a diner for dinner near our friends place in Watertown.  When we headed back into Boston it was only raining in Boston.  We went to see Les Mis and by the time we got out it was snowing in Boston too.  I like snow so it was cool.

Delux Diner was known for sweet potato pancakes and waffles.  It was very tempting but being paleo no carbs were eaten.  I did get the fried green tomatoes that were made with cornmeal and came with a yummy salad on top.  I also got roasted chicken with steamed veggies.  It was mostly squash, carrots, broccoli.  I had to avoid a few green beans.  The chicken was a huge portion that I couldn't finish.  I will say we walked by a table with a pile of pancakes and they smelled wonderful.


We spent all day at the Museum of Fine Arts, MFA. It was the best!!!!  We did leave the museum to go eat at Sweet Cheeks.  A BBQ joint owned by Tiffany from Top Chef.  I ordered a pork platter, with salad (without farro because we cant eat grain) and the broccoli casserole.  It was hard to choose a hot item that was paleo.  The broccoli casserole ended up not being a great choice.  I was tasting it the rest of the day...  The pork was awesome and he bbq sauce was awesome.  The portion of meat was huge.  This is not a cheap BBQ joint.  I think the platter might have cost $18.  The food was very good though.  I'd go back.  In fact, when the museum was closing we heard tons of people saying they were headed over to Sweet Cheeks.  The great thing about the MFA ticket is you can leave and return.  The ticket will let you leave and come back anytime within 10 days!

Sunday night for dinner hubby cooked dinner at our friends place.  We had roast beef stuffed with spinach, pears, and pecans, a salad on the side with apples, grapes, pecans, and some friend plantains.
It was perfect.  I was really really full though.

Thus ends our Boston trip and eating way too much food.  I'm afraid to look at the scale tomorrow.

Happy New Year everyone!!!

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