Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Pesto Crusted Rack of Lamb

The problem with store bought pesto is it has parmesan cheese in it.  I don't mind having a little of the hard cheese but it's not strict paleo.  If you made your own pesto you could leave out the parm!  I was lazy and going for a quick dinner.

Rack of Lamb
Salt and pepper
Olive oil
Store bought Pesto

I followed the cooking directions on this blog

In a pan, heat olive oil and sear lamb on all sides.
Heat over to 375 and cook about 30 minutes.  I felt ours needed a little more cooking time.  It depends on your preferred doneness.  On a steak I'm always a medium well girl.  On roast beef and lamb it can be more pink.

Served with some purple turnips, onion, and mushrooms.

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