Saturday, February 26, 2011

Italian Drip Beef Sandwich

This is a Pioneer Woman recipe. I thought it was perfect! I can't wait to make it for people other than just my husband. The recipe had two versions and I made the Italian seasoned version. The only change I made was to eliminate adding the salt her recipe called for. It turned out salty and spicy enough

1 whole Beef Chuck Roast, 2.5 To 4 Pounds
1 can Beef Consomme Or Beef Broth
3 tablespoons Good Seasonings Italian
¼ cup Water
½ of a 16 ounce jar Pepperoncini Peppers, with some of the juice
Buttered, Toasted Deli Rolls
Provolone cheese

Combine first 5 ingredients ingredients in the crockpot and stir together.

Bake on low for 6 hours, or until meat is fork-tender and falling apart.

Shred meat completely and remove any fat.

Slice the cooked peppers into bite sized pieces.

Spoon the liquid from the crockpot into individual bowls for dipping.

Serve on buttered, toasted rolls. Top with cheese and melt under the broiler if desired.

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