Sunday, January 6, 2013

What's for Dinner?

Now that we have been back for a week I'm getting back on track with cooking at home.

This week we had a lot of bean free chili.  I used lean hormone free ground meat and then I used antibiotic free range ground turkey too. 

We also had an Asian flavored flank steak stir fry.  We tried kelp noodles for the first time and they are awesome.  We use coconut aminos instead of soy sauce and we used the juice of an orange.

The last bowl of roasted red pepper pumpkin soup was consumed!  It was from the pumpkin we roasted over Veterans Day.  We had pureed the pumpkin and froze a lot of it.  It made two huge batches of soup.  We use almond milk to make our soup creamy.

Yesterday I slow cooked some pork tenderloin in a green enchilada sauce my husband made out of our garden peppers.  It was really awesome and we have an even bigger can of the sauce waiting in the pantry!   We made tostadas.  I bought some blue corn tortillas (I know not exactly paleo), daiya dairy and soy free pepperjack cheese (yes I realized after I bought it that it says it may contain tapioca), spinach was on sale, guac, and topped with some hot salsa.  My husband and I both thought this was the best meal ever.  I guess it has been a long time since we had anything like a taco :)

I've been snacking on bananas or apples with almond butter.
Yesterday I had a banana with almond butter and some of my soy free mini chocolate chips.
I did buy some new snacks to try from Whole Foods.  I bought some spicy kale chips and some sun dried tomato flax crackers.  They didn't have the larabars I can eat.  I eat the pecan and date bar the most often.  

Dinner tonight though is a whole roasted chicken, roasted parsnips, steamed broccoli, and a sweet potato mash with some chopped nuts on top. 

We dont have tons of leftovers in the fridge right now and it'll be a full work week.
I do have leftover pork and taco toppings.  I can have a salad topped with that for lunch.
I will have leftover chicken and broccoli too.  I think I should make some chicken soup.

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