Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ham dinner

I bought a spiral ham for dinner.
It was a small spiral and it came with a packet of brown sugar glaze
I bought some orange marmalade

I mixed the orange marmalade with the brown sugar glaze and spread on top of the spiral ham, made a foil tent over the ham, then put it in the oven at 350 for about an hour

I made mashed potatoes too
4 brown baking potatoes, peeled, and cut into small pieces, then boiled in salt water
I drained the potatoes, put them in my kitchenaide mixer with a stick of butter and splashes of milk until desired consistancey.

I cheated on the rest of the dinner. I bought a two gravy packets and made both but probably only needed one! I also bought two steamers of broccoli and cheese and microwaved those.

The pork and potatoes were the best part of the meal. Really homemade is best. I should have just bought fresh broccoli and steamed it and made my own cheese sauce.

I think I did pretty well though going to the store with no plan until I grabbed a ham :)

I also bought a roast for another night. It was on sale. I have trouble leaving the meat aisle sale without buying something. I know I wont get to that roast until maybe Friday.

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