Sunday, January 2, 2011

Boston and surrounding areas

After Christmas my husband and I went to Boston for a few days. We ate some great food and had a wonderful time in Boston even though they had just had a blizzard a few days before we arrived.

Our first night in Boston we ate at The Beehive! It was a Wednesday night and they were booked solid with reservations but they said we could eat at the bar. We checked out the bar, it was huge, we sat down :)

We ordered risotto balls, sage french fries, and two short rib and cheddar sandwiches.
FABULOUS. the risotto balls did not have spicy cheese like the one's at Taylors in Bethesda but the different flavoring was still really good.

The sage fries were amazing. I loved how the fries are cut. Horizontal and thin. I could only eat half of my short rib and cheese sandwich and we took some fries back to the hotel too. I loved the cheese on the sandwich. It was a very fancy grilled cheese.

Thursday we did the Boston Freedom Trail. We ate lunch in North End which was full of Italian Restaurants. We settled on eating at Cantina Italiana. Yummy but the service was just a tad slow. We were on the go and needed to make it to Charlestown still.
I ordered a rigatoni dish with a tomato meat sauce and goat cheese but the waitress suggested I changed my noodles to Bombolotti because this pasta is actually homemade. It was wonderful. My husband ordered chicken parmesan and instead of rigatoni he also subbed the Bombolotti.

For dinner we met up with friends at Border Cafe in Harvard Square. We were told we'd have a 40 minute wait. It was a very busy place. I had a shredded beef burro (just like a burrito) and it came with black beans and rice on the side. It was really great and garlicy which is not usual for any Mexican food I've ever eaten before. We started with chili con queso with chips so I could only eat half of my burro before deciding I may burst. I'd like to go back someday. I hear they have some awesome margaritas.

Friday we took a trip out of town to the town of Salem. We ate dinner at the Witch's Brew Cafe after our tour of the House of 7 Gables. The food was excellent. The waitress said they make their own hummus daily so we tries the hummus as an appetizer. It was very good. I wasn't expecting hummus to be on the menu in Salem. I ordered the steak tips with a side of BBQ sauce. The steak was so melt in the mouth perfect. My husband ordered a hamburger and exclaimed it was leaking with juice. Our friends ordered the french onion soup and both seemed to enjoy it. The salad a friend ordered didn't look very exciting and they did not have ranch dressing. Instead they gave her a sweet vinaigrette.

Saturday we also left Boston. We went to Concord first and ate at Main Street Cafe and Bakery. My husband order a traditional reuben and I ordered a turkey reuben. I also tried the broccoli cheese soup but it was not my favorite. It did come with a nice sweet and moist piece of cornbread though. Our friends ordered a thai chicken flatbread which seemed a bit small and unimpressive.

We visited Lexington which is very close to Concord and then we drove to Potsmouth New Hampshire where we ate at the Portsmouth Brewery. All of us ordered different things. My husband had mussels with curry, coconut milk, lemongrass and a touch of spicy chili sauce. I ordered the chicken tenders with homemade buffalo sauce on the side. I was afraid homemade buffalo sauce might be super spicy but it was fine. I could have handled the tenders rolled in the sauce. My friend's husband ordered the bratwurst burger and my friend ordered a burger. Everyone but me ordered beers and seemed to enjoy them because I think everyone had two rounds.

After dinner we visited a Portsmouth ice cream parlor called Annabelle's. I liked my friends Pumpkin Pie ice cream the best. Her husband had a maple walnut ice cream that smelled just like walnuts and it was a little too light on the maple flavor. I had Reeces peanut butter cup ice cream but honestly Ben and Jerrys peanut butter cup ice cream just can't be beat.


That Girl said...

I lived outside Boston for a couple years growing up and its one of my favorite cities.

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Thanks so very much for stopping by my blog! Good luck on the giveaway!