Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Karen

One of my teammates has a birthday right before Christmas and we try to make our teammate birthdays special. Last year we had snowpocalypse and we missed having the work celebration. No snow this year so I made a cake and we all got to enjoy it!

This is a vanilla cake. The two layers were split in two resulting in 4 layers of cake. In between the layers is a seedless red raspberry jam and my frosting.
For the jam I heated it in a saucepan making it spreadable. My frosting recipe was 1 package cream cheese and 1 stick of butter, vanilla extract, and add powdered sugar until I like how it tastes. I thin the frosting with milk usually but this time I just used a little water.

The snowflakes were made with some white candy melt. A design was drawn on paper, wax paper was placed over the design, candy melt was scooped into a pastry bag, and then the design was traced in the candy melt. Pop in the freezer until it has hardened and you can easily peel the snowflakes off the wax paper.

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That Girl said...

Your teammate is lucky to have such good friends, I bet it's been hard having a birthday right before Christmas.