Thursday, January 13, 2011

Low Iodine Diet

I have to be on this low iodine diet for a while. At least until the end of February.
You will be seeing some new recipes coming as my husband and I try to cook things to fit this diet.

More info can be found here
Thyroid Cancer Survivor Association
I don't have thyroid cancer. I do have to have the same treatment as a thyroid cancer patient would have. Don't worry! I'll be fine in a few months.

Some of the guidelines include
-No seafood. no problem since I don't eat any
-No soy products. no soy sauce, no tofu, no soy beans. sadness :(
-No processed foods. The frozen meals I like to eat at lunch at work are now OUT. AHHHHHHHHHH and so are things like canned soup. Good bye tomato soup in a can
-No dairy. Whatever is used to clean the cow milking equipment has iodine. how will I like without milk, cheese, and yogurt. it really puts a damper on my breakfast options.
-Only fresh bread. I just threw a loaf of sliced wheat bread in the freezer for when the diet is over.
-Sea salt is out. I'll be eating those yummy flavored sea salts we have another time.
-Sushi with seaweed is out, not that i'd eat it without soy sauce anyway.

Good things about the diet
I can have unlimited fresh meats, vegetables, fruits

My husband and I just went shopping at a few stores, Harris Teeter and Mom (Mom's Organic Market)

So far I have
-Sodium free granola for breakfast
-No salt added deli turkey
-Fresh pumpernickel bread from the bakery sliced into sandwich slices
-Salt free salsa. I think I may make salsa chicken just without any canned foods
-Salt free potato chips and tortilla chips. snacks!
-Salt free mustard to top that deli turkey
-Sprouts to top deli turkey too
-Boneless pork chops for dinner
-Broccoli for dinner
-Fingerling potatoes for dinner
-Salt without iodine

I couldn't find any salt free salad dressing. My husband is wanting me to just do oil and vinegar. I could use some lemon juice too.

We have already started thinking of how I can have Mexican food on this diet. If we make our own taco seasoning with the low iodine salt, I can eat ground beef on top of the salt free tortilla chips, and I can have vegetables on top just no cheese or sour cream. We also have that salt free salsa.

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Mary said...

I hope the time passes quickly for you. Restricted sodium is a difficult meal plan to follow. Take care and have a good day. Blessings...Mary