Saturday, October 27, 2012

Food Cravings

I have a backlog of recipes to share.  I'm going to post my chocolate find for now.  I wanted chocolate chip cookies strongly recently.  We ended up eating out at a restaurant and had a free dessert.  I ordered whatever they had that was close to a chocolate chip cookie.  It was way too sweet and my stomach hurt a bit afterwards.  I had tried a recipe for paleo chocolate chip cookies and I used our cocoa nibs.  It didn't melt or taste like chocolate so my craving didn't go away.  I decided to look up chocolate that would have maybe less dairy and less sugar.  I found these 72% cocoa bars at our Giant in the specialty food section.  They were 2 for 5$ so I bought regular and espresso.  I broke off a few pieces of espresso and it is awesome tasting!  Next time I try to bake paleo and need chocolate I'm chopping up one of these guys.

I also crave pizza, a lot.  My coworker asked me if I crave the taste of soda.  I used to need a coke at the end of a work day.  I don't need soda for alertness now that we juice and the chemical mix of soda does not appeal to me anymore.  I guess there is one thing I don't crave! 

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